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Salem may be the Halloween capital of the world, but it is important to remember the horrifying atrocities that occurred here in 1692. 

Thomas Putman was a wealthy and resentful man. He campaigned for a family member to become the minister of Salem in a failed attempt to expand his real estate portfolio. When the position went to someone else, Putnam grew paranoid and feared the town was out to get him. Unleashing a tirade of lies and xenophobia, he targeted innocent women and men, turning the community against themselves in an effort to seize more land and power.

200 people were accused of witchcraft. 20 were executed. 

Salem Horror Fest and Rue Morgue Magazine wants to hear from you: 

What lessons are to be learned from the infamous Salem Witch Trials and what relevance do they have in society today?

  • All submissions will be eligible for a 5-movie prize pack with two Weekend Passes to Salem Horror Fest's Weekend of the Witch! Movies include: The Crucible, The Witch, The Craft, Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages, and Season of the Witch.

  • Deadline is Wednesday, August 15th. Winner to be announced on Friday, August 17th: National Massachusetts Day.

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