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Wicked Shorts 2018
7:30 PM19:30

Wicked Shorts 2018

After 664 submissions from 61 countries the finalists for Wicked Shorts 2018 have been selected! Join Salem Horror Fest for a two hour showcase of short horror hosted by the Brooklyn hip hop goth collective Monsters On the Horizons.


Alfred J Hemlock 

Country: Australia
Director, Writer, Producer: Edward Lyons
Co-Writer: Melissa Lyons
Co-Producers: Lucas Newton, Robert Raymond

When Emily’s boyfriend abandons her in the night, her only way home is through an alleyway where she is terrorised by the mysterious entity Alfred J Hemlock.


Blood Shed 

Country: United Kingdom
Director: James Moran
Writer, Producer: Cat Davies

Jack loves a bargain. And he loves sheds. When he buys suspiciously cheap second-hand parts to build his dream shed, he and long-suffering wife Helen find they’ve got more than they bargained for: a killer shed with an appetite for blood. As the body count rises, and the shed’s ferocious appetite grows, Jack is faced with a horrifying dilemma.


A Father's Day           

Country: United Kingdom
Director, Writer: Mat Johns
Producer: Chris Lane

Today is special. Apocalypse or not.

Unexpectedly reunited with his daughter amongst the ruins of the world as they knew it, a father is determined to make this day special, even if they are already dead.



Country: Hungary
Director, Writer: Miklós Felvidéki
Producer: József Fülöp

A petty thief takes shelter in a rundown apartment building to hide from the policeman chasing him. But none of them expects what awaits them inside...



Country: Brazil
Director, Writer: Joel Caetano
Producer: Mariana Zani

Holy Saturday is a day of burning the Judas Doll ... do you have courage?


Night Crosser

Country: Canada
Director, Writer, Producer: Kevin Landry

A strange Romanian trying to enter Canada is confronted by an overzealous custom officer and his curiously cooperative colleague.

Standby Official Still 2.jpg


Country: United Kingdom
Director, Writer: Ethan Evans, Sean Toshach
Producer: Jack Tebb

A secluded young boy unintentionally enters the magical world of his television, only to discover a darker truth to the happy facade.


Trauma Industries 

Country: France
Director, Writer, Producer: Jethro Massey
Co-Producer: Kévin Rousseau

It’s a big day for Joseph, his family is taking him on a trip to the Smile-Rite® toy factory for his twelfth birthday. And everybody knows that when you turn twelve, that’s when you become a man…

Trauma Industries is a science fiction film set in a 1950s propaganda inspired dystopia. Shot on 35mm, the film was made only using the techniques of the era.



Director: Michael Oshins
Writer: Kevin Kennelly
Producer: Ken Morris

It’s Halloween and Wendy doesn’t have anything to wear. She must rely on her own ingenuity and help from her imaginary friends to make a costume and join the other kids for Trick-Or-Treating.


What Is Hidden in Snow

Country: France
Director, Writer: Loïc Gaillard
Producer: Jonathan Hazan

From the moment he found out about his wife's infidelity, Alexandre, 35 years old started to dwell on his wrath. He is obsessed by one single idea : to kill her to make her pay for her betrayal. At his wit's end he goes to Simile's office, a company that will help him make his project come true...


What Metal Girls Are Into 

Country: USA
Director, Writer, Producer: Laurel Vail

Three women going to a three day metal festival in the desert find something disturbing in the freezer of their isolated vacation rental.

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Opening Night Keynote: Ryan Turek (Blumhouse Productions)
8:00 PM20:00

Opening Night Keynote: Ryan Turek (Blumhouse Productions)

Blumhouse VP Ryan Turek will give the opening night keynote address at the Peabody Essex Museum following the Salem Haunted Happenings Parade. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the cult classic Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Turek will also host a Q&A with Cassandra Peterson live-onstage before a screening of the film!

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