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We are now accepting applications for vendors to display at Haunted Harbor at Salem Horror Fest. Space is extremely limited. Submit an application for consideration. Terms and conditions below.

Vendor Application

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1 table: $150/day, $350/weekend
2 tables: $225/day, $500/weekend


Weekend 1:

October 6th 11am – 5pm

Weekend 2:

October 12th 11am – 5pm
October 13th  11am – 5pm
October 14th  11am – 5pm


  • 6ft table(s), 2 chairs (provided by the Salem Waterfront Hotel)

  • 2 Vendor Passes. Vendor Passes will grant the vendors access to the Haunted Harbor and any non-special events or screenings during the days the vendor is vending.  Any additional Salem Horror Fest screenings and special events (including celebrity signings and photo ops) will require the purchase of a ticket. Vendor Passes are for the use of individuals vending at the festival and may not be sold or used for other purposes.

  • Vendor will be listed on website and social media pages dedicated to the events. Vendors may also be highlighted on social media.

  • Vendors are eligible for a 25% discount for advertising in the Salem Horror Festival program. 


  • Table linens, pipe and drape, etc., can be brought in or rented. If you need to rent linens, etc., please contact us and we will put you in contact with the Salem Waterfront Hotel’s preferred vendors, if applicable.

  • Access to electrical outlets is limited.  If you need electricity, please let us know in your application.  Access to electrical outlets will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.  Vendors must bring their own extension cords.

  • Vendors must be sure that all noise levels from sound systems are kept to a minimum. Salem Horror and the Salem Waterfront Hotel reserve the right to determine at what point that noise level constitutes interference with others and must be discontinued.

  • No exhibit may block or interfere with other vendors, exits or walking space.

  • No displays shall be attached to the walls of the Salem Waterfront Hotel. Any damage caused to the building or its furnishings by the vendor are the sole responsibility of the vendor.

  • All vendor tables must be represented by at least one person at all times while Haunted Harbor is open.


  • Vendors must be set up and ready to vend upon the opening of the Haunted Harbor at 11am.  Salem Horror Fest reserves the right to refuse entry to any vendors that are not set up by 11am.

  • All displays must be broken down and all items removed from the vendor space immediately following the end of the vendor’s last day.  Any property not removed from the Salem Waterfront Hotel that has not been claimed within twenty-four (24) hours following the end of the event will be considered abandoned by the vendor.

  • Children under sixteen (16) years of age are prohibited from being in the vendor space during loading, unloading or any other times where the vendor space could be considered a hazardous work environment.

  • Salem Horror Fest and the Salem Waterfront Hotel are not responsible for any injuries sustained during loading and unloading of vendor wares.

  • Shipments delivered to the Salem Waterfront Hotel, must be previously arranged and approved by Salem Horror Fest and the Salem Waterfront Hotel.

  • Vendors will be able to pull up to the back of the hotel and unload their wares. Please note, vendors who are vending for multiple consecutive days are allowed to leave their tables set up overnight. However, neither the Salem Waterfront Hotel nor Salem Horror Fest accept liability for lost, stolen or damaged items that are left overnight.

  • With advanced notice, the Salem Waterfront Hotel will provide parking to vendors for a fee.  The fee amount is to be determined. Hotel parking passes must be purchased directly from the hotel and are granted on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Other parking options include: The Waterfront Garage on Congress St. across from the Waterfront Hotel, The Museum Place Garage, the Church Street lot, the parking garage at the garage at the Commuter Rail station. Additional parking options and driving information can be found here.


  • No refunds.

  • By submitting an application, vendor agrees to all terms outlined in this agreement. 

  • Submitting an application does not guarantee that a vendor will be offered a table.  Tables are only guaranteed once payment is received.

  • Vendor tables are limited.  Therefore, all vendor applications will be vetted.  All applicants will be notified and an invoice will be sent as soon as possible. Vendors will be contacted no later than July 15th if their application is accepted. 

  • Payment is due within 72 hours of invoice being sent. If payment is not received within this time frame, Salem Horror Fest reserves the right to offer the table to another vendor. 


  • Vendor agrees not to sell any adult material to minors, including the sale of weapons.

  • This is a family event so please keep this in mind when planning your displays.  Any materials featuring nudity or excessive violence must be placed either behind the table or, if displayed on a table or display rack, bagged or covered so that minors may not open it. Any adult material containing nudity must be covered with accordance of local and state laws.

  • Vendor agrees that all merchandise for sale is legal and licensed. Vendors shall not play, permit the playing of, performance of, or distribution of, any copyrighted material at the event unless they have obtained all necessary rights and paid all required royalties, fees or other payments. If a publisher finds their property being sold unlicensed by a Vendor and presses charges against said Vendor, the Vendor will be ejected from the Haunted Harbor with no refund of booth space.


  • Vendor shall obtain any licenses, permits, identification numbers, or approvals under federal, state or local law applicable to its activities at the event at its sole expense.

  • Vendor is responsible for paying all taxes, license fees, use fees, charges, levies or penalties that become due to any government authority in connection with its activities at the event. 

  • Vendor is responsible for remitting payment to appropriate agencies for use of copyrighted materials. Vendor will indemnify and hold Salem Horror Fest and its officers, agents and employees harmless from all liability, costs and claims, losses and/or damages (including court costs and attorney’s fees) with respect to such copyright or trademark rights.


  • Vendor is responsible for securing their belongings during and after show hours.

  • Salem Horror Fest and the Salem Waterfront Hotel are not responsible for any vendor’s property that is lost, stolen or damaged.

  • Vendors will maintain a professional manner at all times. Salem Horror Fest and the Salem Waterfront Hotel reserve the right to eject any vendor for any reason at any time with no refund.

  • Vendors will not harass or otherwise disturb festival celebrity guests this includes the taking of unauthorized photos.


  • Under no circumstances shall Salem Horror Fest be liable for any lost profits or any incidental, special, indirect, punitive or consequential damages whatsoever for any of the acts or omissions whether or not apprised of the possibility of any such lost profits or damages. In no event shall Salem Horror Fest's maximum liability under any circumstances exceed the amount actually paid to Salem Horror Fest by Vendor for exhibit space rental pursuant to this contract. Salem Horror Fest makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the number of persons who will attend the Event or regarding any other matter.

  • The Vendor agrees to protect, keep and save Salem Horror Fest, the promoter of the Event, forever harmless from any damage(s) or charge(s) imposed for violations of any ordinance or regulation by the Vendor, his employees or agents, as well as failure to comply with the terms and agreements of this contract. Further, Vendor shall at all times protect, indemnify, save, and keep harmless Salem Horror Fest against and from any loss, cost damage, liability, or expense which arises out of or from or by reason of any act or omission of the Vendor, his employees, or agents.

  • Salem Horror Fest makes no representations or warranties concerning location of Vendor’s space, number of attendees at the convention or who other Vendors may be.

  • The scheduling of the festival is subject to change from events beyond the control of Salem Horror Fest.

  • Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Salem Horror Fest for any injuries that occur within Vendor’s space or injuries that are caused by the actions of the Vendor or its agents.

  • Vendors must comply with all state, local, and federal laws.